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The AirCheck G2 provides fast, easy and accurate Wi-Fi validation and problem resolution and... more
Product information "AirCheck G2 Wireless tester Kit"

The AirCheck G2 provides fast, easy and accurate Wi-Fi validation and problem resolution and reduces the time it takes to resolve WLAN problems. The AirCheck G2 helps to make WLAN testing easier and allows even less experienced technicians to solve more problems. He provides the following:

  • A robust, purpose-built handheld tester that supports the latest Wi-Fi technologies (802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax)
  • A one-touch AutoTest provides a quick pass/fail result of the WLAN environment and identifies general problems
  • Instantly view results including network availability, connection, application, throughpat, security settings, rogue search and fault detection.
  • Link with centralized report and test result management, link live for greater task visibility, project control, and fleet management for larger distributed environments.


The AirCheck G2 integrates Wi-Fi technology with interference detection, transmission channel acquisition and iPerf performance testing. With the one-touch autotest, instant access to detailed information quickly fixes problems at the most common vulnerabilities on Wi-Fi networks, including:

  • Network coverage issues
  • Overload of networks and channels
  • slow connections
  • connection issues
  • faulty Access Points
  • Unauthorized Access Points
  • Client issues
  • Unauthorized Clients

Main functions

The AirCheck G2 provides instant access to network, channel, acces point, client and interference data that works instantly from the main screen along with push button testing, wireless and wired.


Quickly view all networks in the environment and the critical parameters for each network, including signal level, signal-to-noise ratio, security type and number of Access Points. Find common problems such as mixed security types, poor signal strength, or lack of secondary Acces Point coverage.

Sort or filter by any parameter you like. Then investigate more details for each network, including 802.11 supported types, number of connected clients, channels and more. On the Network details page, you can find a list of Access Points or clients on the network.


Quickly identify whether channels with 802.11 WLAN traffic and/or non-WLAN interference and noise are overloaded. Automatic detection of devices that can cause interference, such as microwaves, wireless games controllers, Bluetooth devices, Zigbee devices and wireless video cameras. You can also research deeper to see Wi-Fi traffic and last 60 seconds interference on a selected channel, as well as Access Points, clients and interferers on that channel.

Explore deeper to see the traffic volume and noise in the last 60 seconds on a selected channel and the Access Points using the channel.

Access Points

Quickly view all the Access Points in the environment and critical parameters for each, including signal level, signal-to-noise ratio, safety type and channel. Find common problems such as incorrect safety type, poor signal strength, or incorrect channel.

Sort of filter by any parameter. Then go into detail for each Access Point, including the number of connected clients, supported speeds, 802.11n and 802.11ac functions, and more. On the Access Point details page, you will find a list of connected clients or the channel on which the Access Point is working to check the utilization of each channel or common channel interference.

Set the status of access control for the Access Points in the environment to track authorized, neighboring, and potential unauthorized devices on your network.


Quickly view all client devices connected to or searching for a network. See critical parameters for each device including signal strength, channel and connected Access Point. Find common problems such as clients connected to the wrong Access Point or undetected client devices connected to the network. 

Sort or filter by any parameter. Then inspect each client in greater detail, including connection speed and security type. On the client side, investigate the connected channels more closely or quickly find the client device. 

Interference sources

Other devices can work on the same bands as your Access Point. See what other devices in your environment can affect the wireless network.

Investigate more details on all interference events, including average power levels, duty cycles, affected channels and time of last observation. Then use the LOCATE function to detect them and remove an interfering device.


AutoTest - Performs the following essential Wi-Fi tests and gives a pass or fail indication fo the wireless environment and identifies common problems - for each level of expertise.

802.11 utilization

Reports the first three chanals in each band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with the highest 802.11 WiFi traffic transmission time utilization.

Non 802.11 utilization

Reports the first three channels in each band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with the highest non-802.11 transmit time utilization. This indicates existing sources of interferences and high noise levels.

Interference between channels

Reports the first three channels in each band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with the most Access Points on the same channel exceeding the minimum signal level limit. It takes into account 40 MHz and 80 MHz channels in the 5 GHz band by counting an Access Point on its primary and each secondary channel. A list of Access Points for co-channel interference is then displayed.

Interference from neighbouring channels

Reports the first three channels in the 2.4 GHz band where Access Points may find interference from neighboring channels. For each channel on which at least one Access Point is found, the tester counts how many Access Points are working on other channels that overlap with that channel. The AutoTest considers 20 MHz and 40 MHz channels in the 2.4 GHz band. A list of Access Points for co-channel interference is then displayed. 

Network quality

Checks coverage, interference, security and ability to connect to specifed networks, as well as availability of critical network services such as DHCP and connection to specified network destinations.

Unauthorized devices

Reports Access Points that are unauthorized devices. These devices can compromise network security on the network.

Ethernet Test

Access Points must have a working backhaul connection to the network and this is validated by the AirCheck G2´s built-in Ethernet test.

Perform diagnostics and testing for Power over Ethernet (PoE), switch connection, DHCP, gateway and Internet connection. Get VLAN, switch nae and port information via CDP/LLDP/EDP for switches your manage.

More detailed insight into certain details

For all devices and events found by the AirCheck G2, additional information is available to better understand the particularities of a device and support troubleshooting. The user does not need to try to compare information in a beacon or analyze association requirements to get complete information about Access Points and clients.

More tools and features

In addition to the primary screens, the AirCheck G2 has several additional features that allow users to quickly test and validate their wireless network. These are available as additional options from the various detail and device screens.

Establishing a connection with the network

Check network availability and access to critical services by connecting to a network (SSID) or Access Point with a single button press on the button. Important test steps include:

  • Connection to an Access Point
  • Requesting and Receiving an IP Address from a DHCP server
  • Pinging the default gateway and DNS servers for availability
  • Perform a ping or TCP port test for up to ten network destinations
  • Running signal strength, signal-to-noise ratio and repetition rate measurements


Performing an iPerf Performance Test

After connecting to a network or Access Point an iPerf based performance test can be performed to verify throughput at that site. Tests are performed for upload and download traffic and can be configured for the following purposes:

  • Protocol to use (TCP vs. UDP)
  • Port to use to initiate the test
  • Duration of the performance test

When running an iPerf test the user can either use an iPerf server that they set up themselves, or they can use the iPerf server running on the NETSCOUT test accessory. The test accessory is a small PoE or battery powered device that plugs into an Ethernet port and with the AirCheck G2 can essentially work as an iPerf server in your pocket. It is managed from NETSCOUT´s Link-Live Cloud Management platform and is automatically detected by AirCheck in the following cases:

  • It is located in the same subnet as the AirCheck wireless connection
  • It is located in the same subnet as the last Ethernet test of the AirCheck
  • It has been incorporated into the same link live organization as the user´s AirCheck G2, and the AirCheck G2 has link live connectivity

With the test accessories it is as easy as selecting the desired device from a list on the screen and then starting the test. 

Performing a roaming test

The AirCheck G2 provides a roaming test that allows the user to check if a network has sufficent overlaps to allow smooth and seamless roaming across the entire site. Roaming tests can be performed after connecting to a network. The AirCheck G2 continuously pings a user-selected target resource and provides detailed information about current network quality and ping statistics as the user moves around the site. 

Finding devices of interest

Track rogue Access Points and unauthorized clients by tracking the real-time signal strength meter and graph over time. Acoustic signaling is provided and the use of a USB headset for private audio is suppported. Explore deeper to see the traffic volume and noise in the last 60 seconds on a selected channel and the Access Points using that channel.

Included in delivery:

  • AirCheck G2 Wireless tester with test accessories
  • power supply with 4 international adapters
  • soft carry case
  • external directional antenna (RP-SMA Plug)
  • bag with shoulder strap
  • USB cable
  • Car charger
  • Quick guide
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