WifiMETRIX - Dual-Band, 802.11 Channel Analyzer

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DFS Tester - Validate Access Point DFS Functionality Quantify and predict Throughput... more
Product information "WifiMETRIX - Dual-Band, 802.11 Channel Analyzer"

DFS Tester - Validate Access Point DFS Functionality

Quantify and predict Throughput Performance of each WiFi channel

Simulate interference and WiFi congestion using signal generation and traffic congestion

WifiMETRIX is a new diagnostic tool used to analyze and test Access Points and WiFi networks. It is a handheld device that operates in stand-alone mode - that is, it does not associate or connect with an Access Point. WifiMETRIX implements three important features - DFS Testing, WifiPROBE and AirHORN. The built in 6 GHz radio module has been programmed to simulate radar signal patterns, and the built in WiFi chip can perform both signal generation / packet injection (AirHORN) and throughput diagnostics (WiFiPROBE) on each channel.

Features include:

  • 6 GHz radio module, amplifier & filters
  • Dual band 802.11 WiFi chip
  • DFS Tester - simulate radar signal patterns
  • AirHORN channel / Signal generator functionality (packet injection)
  • WifiPROBE channel analyzer functionality
  • Solid aluminium case plus silicon rubber boot protector
  • Standard 50 Ohm SMA antenna connector
  • 128x64 built-in LCD screen
  • Includes dualband antenna for 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz ISM bands
  • Includes micro USB cable for recharging
  • Includes 50 Ohm SMA terminator to protect antenna connection
  • Includes 6 GHz, 50 Ohm 20 db SMA attenuator (Male-to-Female)
  • SMA terminator (dummy load) also used for calibrating the device

FCC Regulation, CE & RoHS Compliance:

  • WifiMETRIX is a test and measurement device, compatible with US FCC regulation 47 CFR Part 15.103(c).
  • WifiMETRIX is certified for CE compliance under EU regulations EN/IEC61236 and EN/IEC61000.
  • WifiMETRIX is certified for RoHS compliance under EU directive 2002/95/EC.

WifiPROBE feature - Analyze the throughput performance of each channel

Determine the best channel for your Wifi Network

The WifiPROBE feature provides unprecedented visibility into the performance of a wireless network. The information collected and displayed helps to simplify troubleshooting of interference related problems and predicts the throughput performance of each 802.11 channel. WifiPROBE employs IMMI technology with 802.11 hardware to perform data acquisition - hence, the resultstruly reflect how packet congestion and RF interference ine the local environment affects your Wifi network. This is a possible using an RF spectrum analyzer or other tools currently in the market. 

In a wireless network there is, at any moment, a single transmitter and one or more receivers. Furthermore, devices participating in the network take turns being a transmitter or receiver. When considering network performance, it is the transmitter who holds the key. Before transmitting data, the transmitter "senses" the RF enviroment to check if the channel is clear. If so, then transmissions proceeds. But if not, then the transmitter delays a random period of time before making its next attempt to transmit. Hence, "Available transmit time" becomes the metric by which we can measure channel performance - that is, the more time available for transmission then the better will be that channel´s performance and data throughput.

Applications for the WifiPROBE feature include:

  • Detect presence of RF interference that could affect network performance
  • Determine whether performance can be improved by using a different channel
  • Quantify expected change in performance that would result from using a different channel
  • Optimally configure WiFi network with the goal of improving throughput performance
  • As an aid in properly locating WiFi devices so as to maximize range and throughput and minimize interference from competing wireless devices

AirHORN feature - Simulate Co-Channel congestion and adjacent channel interference using packet injection

Stress test WiFi networks, compare antenna performance, detect "dead spots", and more...

The AirHORN feature aids in testing WiFi antennas, RF shields and wireless networks. It is an RF channel / signal generator that covers both the 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz ISM bands and was designed for microwave and RF applications. Using 802.11 packet injection, AirHORN transmits stable and accurate RF signals for each of the 802.11 (WiFi) channels and is ideal for stress testing existing wireless networks and for use in research and development of antenna design. A signal generation system is key to any test system - as such, AirHORN can also be used for rapid evaluation of receiver performance and detecting "dead spots".

The AirHORN feature can be used for:

  • Real world testing of WiFi antennas and amplifiers
  • Testing the effectiveness of RF shield designs
  • Stress testing 802.11 (WiFi) wireless networks
  • Aligning directional WiFi antennas
  • Rapid evaluation of receiver performance
  • Locating WiFi "dead spots" 
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